Employee Benefits

Available Benefits Include:

  • Vacation Pay. Receive five days of vacation pay after 12 months of employment and 1500 consecutive straight time hours.
  • Health Insurance. Health insurance through Essential StaffCARE is available as a payroll deduction. In addition, all our employees are fully covered by workers’ compensation liability and employment compensation insurance.
  • 401k. Employees are eligible for our 401k program after one year’s employment. SCP matches employee contributions dollar-for-dollar, up to 3% of annual salary.
  • Paid Holidays. Holidays are paid if an employee completes 1200 consecutive hours and twelve months of employment prior to the holiday. In addition, he must work the days before and after the holiday.
    Available paid holidays include:
    • New Year’s Day
    • Labor Day
    • Memorial Day
    • Thanksgiving Day
    • Independence Day
    • Christmas Day

Additional Options and Benefits:

  • Weekly Pay. Options include mail, pickup or direct deposit.
  • Excellence in the Workplace Award. At SCP, we reward outstanding job performance and loyalty. When you work for us as a temporary, you are eligible for our Excellence in the Workplace Award. This honor is awarded monthly to an employee who has demonstrated exceptional achievement in the workplace.
  • Referral Program. Refer a medical, dental or administrative professional to us, and if he works 80+ hours within 90 days, you earn cash.
  • Optional Credit Union Membership.Georgia's Own Credit Union

    Credit union membership is available through
    Georgia's Own Credit Union.
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